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Religion, Economics and Politics

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Political economic philosophies associated with both Christianity and Judaism.
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Walter Block analyses everything from a libertarian point of view. Everything. Did we mention everything? The non aggression principle and private property rights define his vision.  In this book Religion, Economics and Politics our author scrutinizes two religions, Christianity and Judaism, not from a religious or theological point of view, but in terms of the political economic philosophies associated with them both.  

What are their views on profits? On social justice? On egalitarianism? On land reform? On reparations for past misdeeds? On poverty and its alleviation? These are just some of the issues Block takes on in the context of religious viewpoints. Along the way he tangles with such worthies as Charles Taylor, the eminent Canadian philosopher; with theologians Chesterton and Belloc; with the Jewish scientist, theologian and philosopher Maimonides.  

Ayn Rand, although no libertarian herself, is nevertheless still a commanding presence in this community. What were her views on religion? To say they were not too positive constitutes the understatement of the century. In a seeming paradox, Block takes on this famous novelist-philosopher, in defense of religion.  


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