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Rise and Fall of Society: Paperback

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Chodorov set out to do something implausible: to rework the Nock book in his own style.
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Frank Chodorov adored the work of Albert Jay Nock, particularly Nock's writings on the State. And so Chodorov set out to do something implausible: to rework the Nock book in his own style.

Rothbard wrote of this book: "Frank's final flowering was his last ideological testament, the brilliantly written The Rise and Fall of Society, published in 1959, at the age of 72."

One reason it was overlooked is that it appeared after the takeover of the American right by statists and warmongers. The Old Right, of which Chodorov was a last survivor, had died out, so there was no one to promote this work. It is amazing that it was published at all. But thank goodness it was!

The book, available in paperback or hardcover, is short (194 pages) but pithy and enormously powerful. Indeed, for a book so overlooked, the reader will be surprised to find that it might be Chodorov's best work overall. Certainly it is suitable for classroom use, or as a primer on economics and society. Insight abounds herein.


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by Neal
on 1/13/2013
from Richlands
Pure genius
This book, along with Chodorov's Income Tax: The Root of All Evil, will change the way you think about the State and freedom. Part of the genius of these works is how simple he makes it all seem. Only someone who has mastered his subject can write this way. Chodorov is able to see through propaganda and make the truth obvious. In fact, after reading him you will wonder how you did not come up with these ideas on your own. Another interesting fact is the timelessness of these books. With the exception of a couple of dates, they could have been written yesterday. Absolutely brilliant.
by William
on 7/3/2012
from Portland
Highly Recommended
I highly recommend this book.  Its warnings still ring true today and Chodorov's writing style is very enjoyable to read!
by Jessica Belle
on 4/15/2009
from Nevada
Rise and Fall of Society
This is a very good book. I read it two years ago and it painted a clear picture of everything that's happened since then. I highly reconmend it.
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ISBN 9781610160124
eISBN 9781610163477
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 2007
Binding PB
Page Length 194
Dimensions 6" x 9"

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