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Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States

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A detailed description and integration of each of natural government services and the organizations that can provide these services much more efficient and effective than the current political monopolies of coercion.
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This book describes why the politically democratic state is a mythical and illegitimate concept that does not and cannot work and why, without the corrective market feedback of profits and losses, this unstable, unmanageable, inefficient and authoritative social organization will cause its own demise. The Road to Freedom and the Demise of Nation States maps out an alternative path leading to a new contractual social organization based upon individual sovereignty and freedom. Under this natural government of decentralized economic democracy, individuals vote with their money ballot for the products and services they want, including protection and jurisprudence. The Road to Freedom constitutes an evolutionary continuation of the principles of individual sovereignty and freedom underlying the American Revolution, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, leading to worldwide peace and prosperity.


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ISBN 9781483431444
UPC 1483431444
Publisher LuLu Publishing
Publication Date 09/03/2015
Binding PB
Page Length 642
Dimensions 6x9