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Rothbard Reader

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A collection of some of Rothbard's best work illustrating the full scope of his contributions to Austrian economics, political philosophy, revisonist history and so much more.
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The Rothbard Collection You’ve Been Waiting For.

The work of Murray Rothbard has never been more relevant.

As Joseph Salerno and Matt McCaffrey write in the introduction to the Rothbard Reader, “Few economists manage to produce a body of work that boasts a serious following twenty years after their deaths. Murray N. Rothbard is a rare exception. More than two decades since his passing, his influence lives on, both in the work of a new generation of social scientists, and among a growing number of the general public.”

Few economists have also managed to produce a body of work as voluminous as Murray Rothbard, which can make it difficult for readers to digest the full scope of his contributions to Austrian economics, political philosophy, revisionist history and so much more. Enter the Rothbard Reader, a collection of Rothbard articles hand chosen by Salerno and McCaffrey, designed to serve as an excellent introduction for readers to new Rothbard, while featuring content that may be new to even the most die-hard Rothbardian.

Released 03/2/2016 on what would have been Rothbard’s 90th birthday, the Rothbard Reader is a timeless tribute to an unforgettable scholar. 


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Section I: Rothbard: Man, Economist, Anti-statist

1. Murray Rothbard (Penthouse)

2. A Conversation with Murray N. Rothbard (Austrian Economics Newsletter)

3. Murray Rothbard in The New Banner

Section II: Foundations of Social Science and the Free Society

4. The Discipline of Liberty

5. Value Implications of Economic Theory

6. Statistics: Achilles’ Heel of Government

7. Ludwig von Mises and the Paradigm for Our Age

Section III: Principles of Economics and Government Intervention

8. Fundamentals of Value and Price

9. Exchange and the Division of Labor

10. The Division of Labor Clarified

11. Monopoly and Competition

12. Are Diamonds Really Forever?

13. The Infant-Industry Argument

14. Airport Congestion: A Case of Market Failure?

15. The Union Problem

16. Outlawing Jobs: The Minimum Wage, Once More

17. The Myth of Tax “Reform”

Section IV: Money, Banking, and the Business Cycle

18. Essentials of Money and Inflation

19. On the Definition of the Money Supply

20. Deflation Reconsidered

21. Anatomy of a Bank Run

22. Lessons of the Recession

Section V: History of Economic Thought

23. Mercantilism

24. Frédéric Bastiat: Champion of Laissez-faire

25. Keynes’s Political Economy

26. The Chicago School

27. Israel Kirzner and the Economic Man

Section VI: Economic History

28. Economic Determinism, Ideology, and the American Revolution

29. The Progressive Movement

30. Unhappiness with the National Banking System

Section VII: Political Philosophy and the Libertarian Movement

31. Property and Exchange

32. War, Peace, and the State

33. Notes on the Nintendo War

34. Society Without A State

35. Why Be Libertarian?

36. In Praise of Demagogues

Section VIII: Movie Reviews

37. The Godfather

38. The Godfather, Part II

39. Blaxploitation

40. The Tough Cop

41. Death Wish

42. Cinema Paradiso


ISBN 9781610166614
eISBN 9781610166638
Publisher Ludwig von Mises Institute
Publication Date 03/02/2016
Binding PB
Page Length 320
Dimensions 6x9

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