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Stabilization is Chaos T-shirt

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Tell the truth!
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Finally a shirt to fight back! They have been trying for nearly a century to use fiscal and monetary policy to counter the effects of the previous policy mistakes. It never works. Ever. Not once. In fact, the attempt robs the private sector of wealth and deepens the recession, prolonging the pain. The attempt alone introduces chaos.

Hence this long-sleeve shirt: Stabilization is chaos. The only path to long-term "stabilization" is through permitting markets to work, that is, permitting the supposed "chaos of the market" to take its course. Then we prepare the ground for new prosperity.

This shirt tells the whole story - or at least allows you explain the whole story. Perhaps it will help introduce economic sanity into the present environment.

The color and the sleeve length is chosen for maximum impact: very slick, very cool.

The Hayek quote on the back is the coup de grace. He nails it, in 1932!!

"Monetary policy all over the world has followed the advice of the stabilizers. It is high time that their influence, which has already done harm enough, should be overthrown." F.A. Hayek, 1932


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by Publius
on 12/21/2010
from Federal City
Shades of gray? Pffft...
"Stabilization is Chaos" is my go-to long sleeve black T. I have 3 of them. The theme is perfect - short, ambiguous, provocative. You can see peoples' minds engage as they ponder and process this spot-on axiom of the economy, regulation, social engineering and sex.  Chicks dig this T. Small talk turns seamlessly to the horrors of Jekyll Island and QE2 vs. the Hayek-Keynes rap video and the reams of economic brilliance now downloadable from This T tells truth in black and white. 
by Jared
on 6/29/2010
from Dallas, Texas
Well received!
Great shirt, fits well, and as noted previously, the shirt begs for explanation, which I am happy to provide to my college classmates! I met my current girlfriend when she stopped to comment on my Rothbard "Enemy of the State" shirt, so why not? Thanks!
by Scott
on 4/6/2009
from Rancho Cucamonga
Great conversation starter!
From my butcher, to fellow employee's at work on super casual day, to my MBA professors, this shirt is a definite conversation starter.  Funny thing is, I've realized there are more people out there with an informed negative view of the FED than I originally thought (save for the couple Keynesian professors I've had to help re-educate ;-)).  The shirt is of great quality!  Keep them coming!!  
by Travis A
on 12/11/2008
from League City, TX
Excellent shirt
This is a great t-shirt. It feels great, looks smooth, and fits me wonderfully. One of my economics professors noticed it when I recently wore it and remarked, "A t-shirt on monetary policy. Wow. I never thought I'd see that! Very nice." Sure, he's a Keynesian, and thinks "macroeconomics" is all about juggling interest rates, but he still knows a nice shirt when he sees one.
by Adam
on 12/4/2008
from New York
Beg to differ
I must disagree with the previous reviewer. I have worn this shirt once so far while visiting family. None of them have the slightest idea what Austrian economics is and they were all interested in the shirt. The front offers a cool design with one large word (stabilization) and one crazy and catchy word (chaos). The statement "Stabilization is Chaos" begs to be clarified. This is advertising genius. Also, black looks good on me.
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