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Sticker - Read Rothbard?

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Where can you put a Mises Institute sticker? Laptops, car wind shields and bumpers, school binders, luggage, instrument cases, boats, books, bikes, windows, federal property (just kidding!), or just about anywhere.

Measures 3.5" x 11"

All stickers are digitally printed on outdoor durable adhesive vinyl. The car wash is no problem.

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by Ashley Pax
on 7/21/2016
Read Rothbard
I had the older version of this sticker on my vehicle for at least a couple years until the sun bleached it out to the point it was unreadable. Curious people would ask me in parking lots "Who's Rothbard?" It was simple with no background and said in Mises-blue-font "Read Rothbard" Originally it said "Read Rothbard?" but like Joel I preferred it without the ? so I cut off the ? I would rate that one 5 stars. The new version has  more going on - not sure it's my style but it might grow on me.
by Joel Fish
on 5/13/2014
from Springfield, Oregon
Should not contain question mark
I do love the idea of this sticker. Unfortunately, the question mark makes me view this sticker as a weak suggestion, rather than the bold demand it should be. This is Murray Rothbard after all. Take the question mark off and I will proudly purchase and display this great item.
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