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The Framework

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These are the books that built the austro-libertarian movement as we know it - all available in the perfect size and for the right price.
List Price: $44.00
Price: $37.00
The Framework Books
  • Case for Gold Pocket Edition
  • Human Action Pocket Edition
  • Man, Economy, and State Pocket Edition
  • Bastiat Collection Pocket Edition


These are the books that built the austro-libertarian movement as we know it - all available in the perfect size and for the right price.

There was a time when a month's salary couldn't acquire these books - if you could find them. And then they were also huge and unwieldy.

We've fixed that with these brilliant and fun pocket editions. So now you can have Mises's masterpiece, Rothbard's masterpiece, the works of Bastiat, and the best case for monetary reform by the greatest statesman of liberty ever - and all for $40. That's a total of 4,000 pages!

The Mises Institute worked very hard to make these books right - in terms of binding and printing. And now we see the payoff: uniform sizes in this incredible size.

This is the collection to own, gift, and read for a lifetime.


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by Colin
on 2/12/2013
from Monroe
Great collection, little bit of trouble with shipping
I really like this collection, and would recommend each book to anyone who wants to learn Austrian Economics. Books are all a nice size and easy to read.

I did have a bit of trouble actually getting this though. I had ordered this along with several other books, but for some reason the first package I received had every book but those from the Framework. The odd thing was that according to the site here, it had been shipped with everything else, but it was clearly missing from the packing slip.

I simply left an order note though, and they quickly had things sorted out. In a few days I had my framework collection.

So just a bit of a warning, and in spite of that difficulty I still recommend buying this.
by Connor
on 3/16/2012
from Annapolis
Great set!
Now that I am nearly finished with the Bastiat Collection, I can say that the books are both very durable and comfortably sized.  After many hours of reading, the book shows hardly any signs of use - the binding holds together well and I haven't run into any of the usual paperback problems like splitting corners in the cover or creasing.  The print is also very clear and well defined, so any doubters about the construction of affordable paperbacks of mammoth works can know that the result is impressive.
by Andrew
on 10/11/2011
from Ohio
Just received my package of the "framework".

My biggest hesitation was if these "pocket" books would be of sufficient size and quality. I must say I was thrilled when I got the books, they are just big enough to be comfortable and the pages are thick and of heavy enough material to ensure durability through long hours of studies. Wonderful work.

I do have a question though. Which one should I embark on first? I haven't read any of them before and am giddy to begin but I am curious as to which would be best to read first. I am a freshman in college currently taking two economics classes but I don't consider myself too knowledgeable so I just didn't want to jump in over my head. Thanks.
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