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Theory of Socialism and Capitalism

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The first treatise that put this thinker on the map.
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New 2nd Edition w/ new Intro by Hans Hoppe Here is Hans Hoppe's first treatise in English - actually his first book in English - and the one that put him on the map as a social thinker and economist to watch. He argued that there are only two possible archetypes in economic affairs: socialism and capitalism. All systems are combinations of those two types. The capitalist model he defines as pure protection of private property, free association, and exchange - no exceptions. All deviations from that ideal are species of socialism, with public ownership and interference with trade.

Within the structure of socialism, he distinguishes the left and right version. "Conservative" socialism favors high regulation, behavioral controls, protectionism, and nationalism. The "liberal" version tends more toward outright public ownership and redistribution.

The consequences of socialism vary based on their degree and kind, but they have similarities: high costs, resource waste, low growth.

For use in comparative-systems classes and for an orientation to the theory of economic systems. The theoretical apparatus is Rothbardian to the core, and its main contribution is to provide an organizing principle for understanding the structure of real-world economies as measured against pure types.

A tour de force.


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by Broken Bean
on 1/12/2011
from Raleigh NC
Anyone on review not claiming that this guy is a tool, is a tool.  Sorry, I apologize.  It sucks to be a tool, but seriously....this is the most ridiculous, old black & white method of thinking I have ever run across.  I wouldn't purchase this book for more than a $1.  I would purchase it for that just to mock it.  Tools of the world, be advised that you are being used.  
by Gumbee
on 10/17/2010
from California
A concern
I have not read this book yet therefore, I will keep my comments to the description and comments made. I never agreed with my communist economics teacher, humans are not bees; selflessly giving up their work and lives for the hive.
I also see the failure in the “invisible hand” in capitalism. For it to work everything has to have a price, and we know that is not true, life itself is considered priceless; not to mention what we individually perceive as our basic needs.
Socialism from either end of the continuum looks bad because it is a compromise to these two extreme views. I find any view of socialism that attempts to peg it down alone the continuum between capitalism and communism, as failing to recognize that its true nature appears more fluidic. In the description of this book, the writer appears to disregard the extreme limit of communism, which denies us perspective.
I have also not yet seen a society not employ its own form of socialism to satisfy its needs to overcome things such as their, economic, political, and cultural influences. Here in the States, we may employ it in a more subtle ways however; socialism does exist, such as bank bailouts, environmental protection, and transportation. My concern is the denial that it does exist. If we deny it, how do we influence its extent of use in our culture?
If anyone has read a book that explores the influences on socialism, I would enjoy reading that one.
by Keith
on 4/9/2010
from Columbia
Joe Mama's Head is empty
Attempting to claim Hoppe is a corporate tool is so stupid and ignorant a claim that it begs the question:

Is the author of that statement so afraid of Hoppe's implications that he has been thrown into an intellectual hissy fit?

I would say so, because this is probably one of the most thought provoking and insightful books I have ever read.  It and Bruce Benson's "Enterprise of Law" were the 2 main books which turned me to the logic and practice of Market Anarchy.  A debt to them both which I can never repay.

Read this book, even if you only read the downloaded version (which has a very nice typeset which I would gladly purchase but alas is not sold).  It will change the way in which you view your government and society in general.

Update: This version IS the new typeset one.  HUZZAH!
by Joe Mama
on 4/1/2010
from Anytown, USA
The Clown Car is Empty
A tour de farce.  Anything that isn't a pure free market is socialism? Then he would posit that monopolistic tendencies of major corporations are socialistic? Of course not, because he's a tool. A rather transparent treatise promulgated by big oil and big pharma.
by wes
on 3/20/2010
from America
Trying hard to SLAM
Capitalism DOES NOT focus on greed. There are perverts
& greedy people all over the globe.It brought about
entrepreneurism,inventions,freedom of thought to develop,happiness.It enabled America to support the world.The US never conquered,it defended people,didn't
expand.This imperialism crap is just that!Jealousy all
over the world abounds.Why?Your free to worship,be yourself, criticize your leaders, but soon it will all
be over.There is not ONE successful socialistic or
communist country on the planet.The leaders are all
whack jobs.Mao killed 70 million,Che 25 million Hitler
6 million,these men are all NUTS!The critics of capitalism & the US are about to win and revel in their sick envy because this obama character is gutting the nation to achieve the One World Order.
Ask the POPE what this means. I hope you all own a
Bible.If so read 2nd Timothy Chapter 3 first few verses. God Bless us all!
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