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Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? with Study Guide

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People have approached the Mises Institute about publishing a book on economics for kids. But why reinvent the wheel?
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Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? with Study Guide
  • Bluestocking Guide to Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
  • Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?


(Seventh Edition)

For years, people have approached the Mises Institute about publishing a book on economics for kids. But why reinvent the wheel?

Richard Maybury's wonderful little book, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?, is a fast, fascinating, and easy-to-understand introduction to economic topics like inflation, prices, trade, and business. It comes with a helpful study guide that is just right for a classroom setting.

The author put this book together under the influence of Murray Rothbard and Henry Hazlitt. He sought to make their insights understandable to junior high kids. The book is now in its fifth edition, and the author has responded well to many comments from teachers and parents along the way.

If you have read Rothbard's What Has Government Done to Our Money? or any of the larger treatises in the Austrian library, this book is not for you. However, if you know a young person who needs a kick start to economic thinking, or if you want to set someone straight who carries around crazy illusions about fundamentals, this book can do a world of good.

It's true that economic theory is a subject for adults — you don't want to assign Human Action to an 11-year old — but kids can be taught plenty too. They don't need details about epistemology or exchange rates. But by enticing them into the subject matter of money and how it gains and loses value, you plant important seeds for future study.

That is precisely what Maybury's book does. He has a knack for clean expression and simple word choices. He helps people think through what causes prices to rise, the trials that businesses face, the motive force behind entrepreneurship, where wealth comes from, what prosperity and poverty mean, and what kinds of intervention harm business.

He also covers some of the most exciting if financially devastating periods of economic history from the the German hyperinflation of the 1920s to the Great Depression to the 1970s inflation in the United States.

The study guide, by Jane Williams, is also an essential tool for students. We made it part of the package since this book is best used in a home school or private school setting.



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by Matt
on 2/16/2010
from South Carolina
This is it!!!!!
This is the book that started me down the Austrian road! Changed my thinking on economics forever.
by Robert
on 11/20/2009
from Seattle
Its Two Books - Get Kids Started Right
There's two books - price from Amazon is about the same (within a dollar or two). A much better gift than a lot of junk you give kids that's forgotten or lost in few weeks. - - 
by Kimberley
on 10/15/2009
from Little Rock
To Artus
I thought the same thing too, at first. Look closer, it's the book plus the study guide. That is why it costs more here.
by Karen
on 6/22/2009
from Arizona
Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?
Artus must have missed the part about adding Jane William's book along with it...a fantastic price!

This book is fabulous!  Besides having my teenage children read it I have had my 20-somethings read it, too.  It's a simple and concise way to correct old notions that have been fed to us. 
by Artus
on 5/25/2009
from SE
Thirty two dollars??????
I'm rating the price, not the book.

I always try to but from Mises as the money I spend will help support the cause of liberty. But this price is absolutely ridiculous.  Amazon lists this for $14.95--LESS THAN HALF!  Come on, Lew!
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ISBN 9780942617641
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