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Planning for Freedom

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An enduring collection of Mises's essays, some popular and others scholarly, but always engaging and provocative.
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An enduring collection of Mises's essays, some popular and others scholarly, but always engaging and provocative. The first edition came out in 1952, and headlined the essay "Planning for Freedom," which makes the point that the choice isn't between a planned economy and an unplanned one but rather one between government planning and planning by property owners. It was an address given in 1945 before the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Mises had legendarily shocked the audience by contrasting the "Bismarck orthodoxy" and the "Jefferson orthodoxy," and using bad American economists to prove his point.

Other essays include: "Middle-of-the-Road Policy Leads to Socialism," "Laissez Faire or Dictatorship," "Inflation and Price Control," "Economic Aspects of the Pension Problem," "Economic Teaching at the Universities," "Trends Can Change," "The Political Chances Of Genuine Liberalism," "The Gold Problem," "Capital Supply and American Prosperity, and the central contribution "Profit and Loss," presented at the Mont Pelerin Society in 1951. It represents his most mature thinking on the core of the capitalist economy: the price system, calculation, the theory of cost, entrepreneurship, wealth accumulation, and competition.

In general, the essays are more accessible than Mises's Human Action, and cover problems and applications he had not previously covered. This edition includes a very special bonus: "The Essential von Mises" by Murray Rothbard, which has long been regarded as the best short introduction to the life and work of Mises. Also added by the publisher are several tributes to Mises by former students.

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by Mo
on 5/15/2011
from Pacific Grove
Excellent Collection of Articles by the Great Mises
This is probably the best collection of articles by Mises. Reading this articles was a pure intellectual pleasure. 
I highly recommend this book.
by Jerry A
on 3/20/2010
from Chicago
An Excellent Primer on von Mises's Ideals
This is an excellent and reasonably priced collection of speeches and essays by the interminable Ludwig von Mises. With language geared towards a general audience, this edition is a great undaunting primer into the methodologies and theories of one of the greatest thinkers and philosophers of the 20th Century.

Pass it on as gift for friends or family who need some more inclination to the ideals of liberty and free markets!
by B
on 2/23/2010
from New Orleans
Good Follow-up
This is probably the best compilation of Mises's essays.  It's also a nice follow-up to his more serious work, Human Action.  
by Michael
on 11/25/2009
from Tamarac
Great collection of articles, but a caveat
This is a great collection of articles by Mises.  Over the years, there were 4 editions of this work from Libertarian Press, each adding to it.

This edition is from Liberty Fund, and sadly, while based on the fourth and final edition for Libertarian Press, they made some changes.

Gone are ALL the additional items NOT written by Mises.  So Rothbard's "Essential von Mises" is gone (thankfully we have the new edition from the Institute), as well as the several tributes by his former students.  Am glad I still have my old fourth edition from Libertarian Press.  Am a little disappointed that Liberty Fund did this.
by Benjamin
on 4/23/2009
from Tucson
Great collection
This is a great collection of essays by Mises. He covers a number of topics in a straightforward and compelling way, and most of the essays seem to be directed at a general audience. I have studied a number of these topics before, but still found many clarifications that were very helpful.

However, this newest edition does NOT contain Murray Rothbard's "The Essential Von Mises" or any of the articles by his students, in contrast to what is indicated above.
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ISBN 9780865976610
Publisher Liberty Fund
Publication Date 2008
Binding PB
Page Length 188
Dimensions 6" x 9"

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