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Global Curse of the Federal Reserve

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Reveals and explores the missing link between the Austrian School of Economics and behavioral finance theory.
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The Global Curse of the Federal Reserve reveals and explores the missing link between the Austrian School of Economics and behavioral finance theory. Monetary instability is the source of the waves of irrational exuberance (sometimes described as "asset price inflation"), which spread so much economic destruction and geopolitical turmoil when they break. The largest and most destructive waves in the past 100 years have all been powered by monetary turmoil created by the Federal Reserve. Dr. Brown argues that flawed monetary practice and principles—most recently in the form of Bernankeism—have been responsible for the Fed-made havoc. The author comes to two optimistic conclusions. First, political forces in the US will one day gain sufficient strength to repeal Bernankeism. But the new revolutionaries must learn from the mistakes of the first monetarist revolution. Brown argues for the end of the Fed as a policy-making institution. Second, it is possible for investors to build substantial protection for their wealth and even profit from monetary chaos unleashed by the Federal Reserve—but this depends on throwing overboard much of the established wisdom about optimal portfolio management.

BRENDAN BROWN is an international economist practicing in London, UK. He has authored many books on international financial topics, including monetary problems in the US, Europe, and Japan, and asset market pricing (including exchange rates) in a global context. The books cover both contemporary trends and historical topics. He was awarded a PhD by the London School of Economics and an MBA by the University of Chicago. Dr. Brown is a regular contributor to Japanese and European financial media.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Alex Pollock

How Monetary Chaos Powers Irrational Exuberance

A 100-Year Monetary Disorder

Phobia of Deflation

Manifesto for a Second Monetarist Revolution

US Currency War Machine

Bernanke-ism equals Monetary Lawlessness

The Fed believes in Japan's Great Deflation Myth

How to Survive and Profit from the Fed's Curse


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ISBN 9781137297396
UPC 1137297395
Publisher MacMillan
Publication Date 03/01/2013
Binding PB
Page Length 240
Dimensions 6 x 9

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