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The Mises Gift Card, $10 and up

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The Mises Card enables a person to come to this store and load up on books, memorabilia, media, or anything else!
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The Mises Electronic Gift Card makes possible any purchase from the Mises Store in any amount. Use it for yourself, put it on your wishlist, or send it with one click to a friend, student, or professor.

The Mises Card enables a person to come to this store and load up on books, memorabilia, media, or anything else--up to the amount you designate in the text box above ($10 minimum).

The amount on the card is applied to the purchase price. It can be used for partial payment or used again and again until it is used up.

To purchase, choose your amount, add it to your basket, along with any other items in the store. The amount you choose will appear in the final amount at checkout.

A printable gift certificate will instantly be emailed to you. You can print this from the email to use for a gift. The actual laminated gift card will be sent in the mail, to the address you provided in the cart. If you would like to change this shipping address please contact the store: . In your online receipt, and on the view order page of your store account, you will be given a link. Click on it and your card number will display. This page, which you can send to a friend in one click, will be available to you as long as the card retains a positive balance.

Redemption: Choose "Gift certificate" as the pay option and type in the code. It works just like cash to apply to the final payment.

This is a wonderful way to use the Mises Store, introduce anyone to the economic literature of liberty, and give todays best students what they really want: choice within a framework of freedom.


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by Oskar
on 4/22/2009
from Altpapier
Mises money
An excellent product, but the description really gives me pause, as some crucial information is missing. 

Is this gift card backed up by any real assets? 
What's the fractional reserve observed by the LvMI? 
Are they only issued in USD values, or can they be obtained in oz./AU?
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