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Rothbard Pub Glass

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Use your liberty to drink wisely, and publicly, and make a statement about the ideas of liberty at the same time.

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We can think of no better tribute to Murray Rothbard who, along with his legendary brilliance, was known for his ability to have a good time. Larger than a standard 16 oz pint glass, this is the perfect glass for those who dare to crave just a bit more out of life. 

A toast to life, liberty, and Austrian economics. 

16 oz., clear glass mug, with a heavy base. "Enemy of the State". 


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by Ancap308
on 5/27/2018
from Oakland, Ca
Bring them back !
I have 20 or more of these quality glasses. They are my kitchen glasses. Great glasses for gin and tonic, Bloody Mary's, beer or any beverage. What happened to the rest of them ? Rothbard is my favorite glass, but they are all wonderful. Solid glasses and aesthetically pleasing. Bring them back !
by William
on 1/30/2014
from South Carolina
Love it
Of course, I had to put aside my immediate first impression of this glass (5 stars!) and make sure that it really stood the test. After some very tasty IPA I am happy to report that it has moved up to the pinnacle of my collection, it is one of the first I reach for. This is a glass made to be put to use! Like Rothbard's books and ideas it is not meant to leave languishing somewhere dusty. 
by Daniel
on 7/20/2011
from Miami
This is an awesome-looking drinkware: thick glass, solid base. 

Here's another one who would love the same design on a coffee mug. :P
by Ron
on 8/16/2010
from Round Rock
Well Made and Worth it
This glass is awesome. It's heavy. It's solid. It's got the major cool factor.

I'm looking to add the others as a collection eventually.
by (8?»
on 5/13/2010
Beer never tasted so good!
I just received my first two glasses yesterday, and my are they nice!

These are very heavy glasses, so I'm rescinding my marginal value comment above. Between the quality and the ongoing central bankster currency destruction, $10 is a bargain. A steal, I tell you.

It would be nice to know though, what is the optimum quantity to order to minimize shipping charges? Or should I just combine it with another book or three?
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Dimensions Note: This glass is 1/4" shorter and wider than previous versions.

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